Dr. Catherine Durboraw has pioneered a unique approach to aesthetic care. We call it The Catherine Method and it defines the culture and practice at CFA, and our relationship with every patient we care for.


The first thing Catherine’s long-time patients say is that they feel seen: “She really sees me. She studies my face carefully and helps me imagine what’s possible.” The first meeting, and each one after, is distinguished by a patients-first devotion. We’re your partner all along the journey.

“Everything I do is in service to my patients.”

“I love to know and understand my patients as people, not just patients.”

“We’re women helping women and men look and feel great on their own terms.”


How you express your own unique and individual beauty changes over life’s journey. Catherine believes every face has an authentic beauty and a defining feature that makes you uniquely you, so we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Contrary to doctors who seek cookie cutter perfection, we will work with you to pursue your definition of beauty.

“I don’t believe every woman dreams of being Barbie.”

“Asymmetry gives a face character. We design treatments that enhance what already makes you beautiful.”

“Demand 180 degrees of natural.”


Because Catherine helps people who are focused on different beauty and aging concerns at every life stage, she encourages the long view: a prevention-first approach that avoids invasive work whenever possible. We see aesthetic care as a simple way to amp up your own self and skin care regimen at every age.

“The entire goal of aesthetic care now is to avoid surgical intervention later.”

“Preventive aesthetic care is like a fitness program for your skin.”

“Sometimes patience pays. Aesthetic treatments are a combination of quick fixes and golden wait-awhiles.”


Catherine will never offer you ‘off-the-shelf’ protocols or ‘jack-of-all-trades’ equipment – her mission is to find and bring you the best technology first. She studies industry advances, combing the world for the newest and latest. All so we can offer you a combination of techniques, technologies and unique protocols that really work.

“We believe in a trusted, results-first focus. No med spa risks or frivolity.”

“No ‘jack-of-all-trades’ lasers – we use the tool that’s right for the job – for every patient, every day.”

“CFA only invests in technologies that I want to use on myself and then I share them with you. I’m my very first patient.”


Catherine believes in aging with grace and a healthy dose of humor – and everything she recommends for you, she sought out and embraced for herself. She makes the complex simple and accessible. Catherine is warm, sometimes downright funny, and she’ll put you at ease. Because we’re all in this together.

“Caring about our looks and caring about our souls is not a zero sum game.”

“Beauty is an attitude as much as it’s a physical quality.”

“Imagine what could go right when you invest in the future of your skin.”